Listless Idolatry

                 for Nada

panic kind of scene (dame/hit man)
Nada swims exhausted in oily seas

the rhetorician addresses witnesses and they are all moving
optic receivers (eyes)

nothing in fist came to earth
no special "wartime" clause

a lesbian with visible nipples does not have eyes
none at all and not expect the suspicion

and blacklisting blood that's thin and colder
or Lady Nada seventh violet

grumbling six expediency souvenirs
qua merged picnic vatican l'oeil orchards

hurrah unused words of Marx
not based on iron wire perfectly

null face of the government
anemic zenith high noon

Thursday builders banished idlers calmly smoking
seeking Kurds to the feared politics

and could it be so violent beneath a porch
because Israel's jog-trot lack of low-spirited malarkey

certainly isn't to say that om should get
the best of six organs on a split 7"

Nada at least gives you something gal anyday
& Uncle Schmucko providing dull background noise

but the main man's effort is irrelevant brooms
secretionary redhead dampener

boilover Swahili nonmusics
I think I need to do something exciting

Too Much Ass

I have a big ass
and they can't see me
we could all use that much ass ... but
you wanna be real

we sucked far too much ass
than one should ever suck
you blow yourself up if you don't
want to be Judd Nelson

severe rashes around the mouth with gak on a nightly basis
I guess I won't be signing up to haunt any establishment
into this dysfunctional pseudoketchup?

find out if the excess lies in how much
shirt that show your asscrack all period
there's just too much ass around here
I can't stand to look

this big toolbox was what the guys wanted to show me
so as not to appear homophobic

in other Britney news, they're going
to crack the internet in half at some point?
they've got to tell the world that too much ass is fine
that whole scene looks so annoying

what plant maintenance do you do ... I'm an American
or am I? I don't know
[funny telemarketer call]
it really disturbs me to listen to lyrics

I hate them and hope they die
that being said, I'm coming over to your house
to get a job as a bus driver
they'll blur out some asscrack

I think you're showing a little too much ass
that is just way too much ass for one person
and I need to check it out
what you gonna do with all of that junk?
it would be better if it was squirrels on a bus

Thinging of You

oops I cant stop thinging of u
made me sad thinging how much

aww but Im ... wuddaappp! LMFAO
yeye me so sad out to the box

what does this mean? Vargon-Ferrets
are all u ever thing of / u dont know

we sometimes says better than duro in this case
depends in which situation are u is

home of the brave is what
this a war zone u see

the war shoved back on just when
I was thinging Paradise Lost ache

wish that the shakes disturbing
but we harld can open our mind

so u have been "thinging"
I always knew u couldnt thing

Im thinging the thong of the thouth!
tho anywayth

I miss u kid
I haven't talked to u in forever

Commie Girlfriend

"I dance at a topless club," Tom's girlfriend said copacetically
"excuse me while I step on your face
you coming on to me, Myrtle?

a halfling rogue, an old human druid
who doesn't speak much English went totally crazy at some point and
it's off to the races!
anything his hand touches is smeared
he was talking to his MOTHER in Iraq, not his drug dealer
he lives in freaking France for crissakes
he and his girlfriend love to rattle off foolish crap
"men are all pigs"
"guns should be banned from the world"
"I hate computer games"
it gives me the shivers, like it is a bunch of yakking

I've got the coolest friends
some dirty Irish sausage delivery man
who isn't a redneck and his slanty eyed commie girlfriend named Nada
trains are great
too bad human beings screw them up

men are dirty and bandwidth gums up our garage doors
so we had never seen a napkin and regularly had 2 colas
that's because the Vietnam War was a liberal sissy war
but Lady Macbeth will also do a lapdance for 100 bucks
non-commie homosexuality has to be filled in England for decades
yadda yadda etc.

the Lady Macbeth idea is interesting on paper but
you're automatically a commie despite circumstances
at least the girl that kicked my ass
in 1934 put an end to musical adventures like
"the world would be a better place if people ate more dirt"
goddam commies and their dirt