Alls I Remember

Alls I remember is two beams of light coming from the front of the vehicle and the feeling of being entranced, like a deer frozen in the headlights.

Alls I remember is the leader of the bad guys was a T-rex and the leader of the good guys was an Allosaur.

Alls I remember is the really evil god was Charnel, the pretty damn evil god is Pyro, the smart neartral god is Stratos and I dont remember the other 2 gods.

Alls I remember is it is by the hut that is by the grenade launching tower, its an underground lab you need to find the ladder, thats the best I can do.

Alls I remember is walking thru the store and there was no bread. I was pissed cause they were all sold out.

Alls I remember is you always asking for hugs and you singing me songs! LOL that was hot. Good times.

Alls I remember is that it really hurt and I was thirsty. Well I dont have much else to say except I have no clu how we became friends.

Alls I remember is bomb jacking u verbally nonstop and u just couldnt take the shit anymore so u decided to side with him. Get over urself.

Alls I remember is being on a bed with a awning or whatever u cal it over the top and this little dog is viciously barking at us.

Alls I remember is goin into the chapel and doing spontaneous melodramas on my way thru DS to maidens when this Fungi Shroom aggro'd on me. For some odd reason I never remember strippers before 3D.

Alls I remember is looking through some guy's directories for his website and finding those Photoshop of the fat kid.

Alls I remember is people in cages in the basement and black people. Back in the day I didnt like this movie. But I'll go rent it.

Alls I remember is how to get through levels and such, not all of that discovering secrets. I didn't know, and therefore I got married.

Alls I remember is duck duck goose.

Alls I remember is I was young when I started playing with myself and couldnt stop until I was done shaking it.

Alls I remember is that it saved my butt when the librarian came up.

Alls I remember is I didn't get to beat it because the server shut down, so I beat it on my own server. I love that map. WrongWorld2 has NO purpose at all. Whatever.

Alls I remember is that I said "dank" alot. So anyways yeah this is me. No doot aboot it.

Alls I remember is Donald Pleasance pulling some worms out of his arm.

Alls I remember is what I said, it's in code or whatever. Retarded.

Alls I remember is that I was bout maybe a half mile or so from home and almost went into every dam ditch there was on my way home Im just glad I didnt get shit.

Alls I remember is holding Bullet's hand at the dining room table and telling him how much of a great job I think he's doing with TeamCelica.

Alls I remember is him giving me this crazy look like :eek: but I did not think anything of it hahah.

Alls I remember is LOL I know not a lot. Smrt. I should really write stuff down.

Alls I remember is Pitstain and the small Pete in school, and then Pitstain was about to beat him up. Thats what I specifically remember.

Alls I remember is different workld or some show was making fun of him because he had big props.

Alls I remember is EM saying all my friends are wusses let do a Jager bomb!

Alls I remember is you makin that comprehension of [-+-] thread, I think you started it. Fuck socom 2 and hatin on you I dont really remember.

Alls I remember is something to do with "faclempt."

Alls I remember is that my name is Leonard Shelby. I love men. You know what I like about this place? Everything.

Alls I remember is dance music at half tempo with weird procussion stuck in my head. I don't even know if I spelled that right.

Alls I remember is alot of heavy metal, wild women and satanic cults. I'm pretty sure it was by Kemco cos it was very very Shadowgate and Deja Vu-y.

Alls I remember is that their name started with a B and had 4 letters in it. All of the guys in the band we're totally cool.

Alls I remember is someone chiming in about Jerry Garcia missing a finger.

Alls I remember is something about don't clap in between different sets in symphonies it makes the musicians nervous or something I dunno.

Alls I remember is that it seemed extortionate. I forget.

Alls I remember is that I was getting fucking slayed all day it was fun.

Alls I remember is Oprah.

I Rmeember

I rmeember the wise words that my teacher said: "if you want a man to drown in your lust, you must, you must increase your bust."

I rmeember sitting at the dinner table trying to finish my meal after everyone left, unfortunately, I was suppose to clean my plate.

I rmeember when the whole thing went down. I do not understand what we are being treated as children with our conversations limited.

I rmeember the Batman statue, released limited editon last ear.

I rmeember that. I licked it. Well, onyl once. Then you told me to stop.

I rmeember a little altercation you had with Tuna over it or adjusting your car's speedo for it.

I rmeember Blofeld's book does not contain a single reference to sex, aside from one brief comment that practitioners of the red tantra get the same.

I rmeember you, u donated me to start a family guy clan, and the beast is ur second account, caus ei remember u got enough drags to change it right?

I rmeember watching other do the same thing after, loads of people was walking near that spot and we was all hoping they would get stuck too LOL.

I rmeember this story when it happened. More stupid people doing stupid things.

I rmeember, small pizzas are from C$57 to maybe C$70.

I rmeember that the garbage truck was moving back and forth (it was from my trip visuals). I started getting very crazy thoughts, about this "hell."

I rmeember reading someone saying the GS could have had a V8 in there w/like 400+ hp.

I rmeember when Assy said ETMJ sounded like me once, now he does too. It's just proof that The Mouses mind control experiment is working.

I rmeember reading on Sulus' PR thread that he was in the 15's for XC so I am just making an educated guess.

I rmeember Halloween one year when I was aa dog from 101 dolmations.

I rmeember I used to spend every arvo with u in yr 8 hehehe! But but u left and u had to study. Thanks fro being there for me and stuff.

I rmeember a certain phrase from Gundam Wing "He runs, he hides, but he never lie."

I rmeember using it in userspace (god knows why) but I dont have the code anymore it was a hex value in inline ASM.

I rmeember I just couldn't warm to Slobo. I see this was in Workers World. How sad.

I rmeember the first CD's I ever bought. Kavana--MFEO and Backstreet Boys--Everybody.... LOL!! First tape I ever bought I have no idea.

I rmeember, back when I was level 25, I ganked a low-level NPC, thus turning my PvP flag on. A level ?? and a level 27 player came out to find me.

I rmeember in the 80s it was friggin' bad. It just wasn't as noticable because of the goal scoring onslaught. Win by having a lot of tough guys.

I rmeember the day where you had to stay up until 11:30 to watch any hockey highlights, and when you did, it was usually a game or two.

I rmeember playing this 3D game where you'd drive around shooting red 3D ships and orange pyramids, the screen was mostly black, and you went around collecting forums.

I rmeember more than a few CTF games where I'd be running like their's no tomorrow, do a 180 spin in the air and run backwards firing the Ripper at the walls.

I rmeember hitting those damn F6 and F7 keys after every fire fight, re loading 20 times a mission, it was awful.

I rmeember my squally killed those dumbie things in one hit.

I rmeember something I said: "And in books the armor could too be dented by throwing a rod at it."

I rmeember when I watched the top 100 cartoons or something, the makers off The Lion King were like "We don't even know how it got so populer."

I rmeember having this conversation with someone in the GUild before whose name started with aG Orodreth V.

I rmeember some maps where I'd be riddling a guy.

I rmeember the pit. My father did a lot of shotting when I was young.

I rmeember the heyday of Sparticus. But again, I don't come on the GF much.

I rmeember seein u in her crazy girls pictures or whatever on aim, but yeah. thats how I know her.

I rmeember when soldgrin back as had scooter pictures--not dunk.

I rmeember it listing them, but then moving on to some HLA stuff, butthen again my memory sux, and finally, whats th z80 processor?

I rmeember it being very easy to transfer points with the big icon on the main page some months back.

I rmeember putting the blipboard under the desk for a while, though I dont remember why, or hwere I went afterwards.

I rmeember when evryone used to go on the chat, everyone being 10 people.

I rmeember you posted here like it was your job. So many ppd.

I rmeember why I stoped posting on my other name, this place is to dman confusing. You are the ones who are the ball lickers!

I rmeember the old days of the casting couch when men did the stinging.

I rmeember being kind of scred when wtaching it.

I rmeember who two brother's as 8 and ten year olds.

I rmeember when we couldn't get away from those.

I rmeember when me and my friend talked on messenger instead of to each other.

I rmeember the various places, the reason I remeber them.

Squirrels in My Attic

these goddam squirrels in my attic
are driving me bonkers
::scurry:: ::scurry:: ::scurry:: BAM!

if you are conducting
research into popular fruits
send a FREE squirrel greeting card

56. lasershow pshed up the soffit, what is
hardware cloth? plagiarism is a crime!
or believe they are pesky in another way

if you are noticing large carpenter ants
I will make friends with them before give I them
reason think I have please call the office

killing squirrels in your attic: fantastic!
we got a rat guy and he sd
we only hear the footsteps after the sun sets

quall amps to the max and out-grunge
find out more about fox urine
the cities wax eloquent about "The Singing Wilderness"

I have some flying squirrels in my attic and crawlspace
I have a squirrel or two in my attic
I'm hunting squirrels

it is important to figure out what you have living upstairs
if the squirrels in your attic turn out to be chickens
let's stay in touch

if you happen to be in my neighborhood
feel free to stop by and climb up on my roof
for a talk with the squirrels in my attic