Cephalopod Fucking

              for Brandon Downing

Tabitha Vevers, Embrace, 2006, oil and gold leaf
on sea clam shell, 4 3/4" x 6 7/8" x 1 1/4"

the idea that water can retain some kind of imprint
of compounds dissolved in it means fuck-all to anyone?

the equation between God and fucking is so Japanese
putting a million explosions in your trilobite
that sort of thing

we could call this a huge argument from silence and then
the optical clarity of the ninety-one boobsquad

the cephalopod is your god
he hasn't arms or legs
"prehaps your some kind of morbid fucking asshole"

there's a fossilized dinosaur foot right next to my
ceramic plant holder, not alarm yourself!
nem kell megijedni! do not fuck me about!

the psychopharmacological sex holiday
crash but on a fucking type
who brought it is all sorts of those

sexually lipstick the breast-fed foldable nads
anal shipowner chime in
with plenty of good old-fashioned centurion

exhortation of off-fucking
in the case of a dry seal

explicit hetero mother
is that you transferring the energy of the flower

please remind me how happy I am
I'm throwing myself at you