Seagull Face

             after Nada Gordon

3:04 a.m. nothing doing
here I and my ilk
are the real problem
I seldom buy a book
facing left others right
peacock and seagull face off ... lifeline
up the bass ... a U-shaped valley
insert seagull face here ... mine?
dead seagull face dead fly dead fly pelican
dead seagull face dead seagull face boy in water boy in water
dead jellyfish dead jellyfish dead tree dead tree
seagull face seagull ... Brandon
eyeglasses and bicycling
I can't stand ... seagull face

seagulls rock of seagulls seagulls
bum pals woof
agree ... she has that sort of seagull face
her face yesterday reminded me of
hungry seagull face ... seagull model? model seagull
males men young men young adult females women young women
sitting animal bird water bird sea bird seagull face
post master what joined
urban regret ... tea necklace concept
oil and gas and global seagull face
smashing friend not near a roller coaster
why do you think so?

that image as that of seagull face
as usually in such acoustic I acoustic am sitting
with acoustic seagull face acoustic
you gestate to contract flight
evil witch ... how you like it
how your seagull face
wet toast weevil 4 coach?
should have a seagull face ... shouldn't
carved and elaborate our quaker
carved and detailed our quaker
seagull face is gold ... thank you for bringing that