I'm Nobody. How Are You?

I'm nobody. How are you?
I hope your day is going well.
Is your last name or first name
Jonas like the Jonas brothers?

You're nobody. How are you
Going to get market share?
Outsourcing doesn't have this problem.
“I don't go with nobody”

Whatz up bro u dont call nobody how are you
God bless u cal me please
I have your invatation in my house
4 my daughter party april 25 cal me

I love the TM after your name!
I live to stand out bcuz "If your
Not somebody, your nobody and if your
A nobody, how are you anybody"

If you don't tell nobody how are you
Going to get hits
You have to tell people
Your website and they might like it

I know Mom told you
That you're about to be
An uncle ... mad shit.
[Full text of Bambi]