Fickle Chemistry

I'm wearing a T-shirt with the slogan I'm With Stupid. Do I smell a little bit of hypocrisy? I smell a little bit of cream when I swirl it.

The Weaver daughters had a mini-freakout at the go-kart racetrack and I'm sorry, but come on.

Get rid of the largely black clientele? Perhaps I smell a little bit of reverse psychology.

I smell prejudice in the air! Against whom or what? Fuck you if I smell a little bit street today. Too often, my neocon alarm bell rings.

When I smell gas in the kitchen, I know one of my stove's pilot lights has gone out. When I stand right next to the water heater, I smell a little bit of gas. If I move one foot away, I no longer can smell it.

I smell a little bit of mango and something that smells like candy corn. Patrick smells metal. It feels a little carbonated.

I get flack for calling the cashier a "black female?" That makes no sense. Be careful or they will call ya Bin "Fuckin'" Laden!

Marianne says I smell a little like cinnamon toast and goat. I should go and take a shower.

Am I, and other posters, supposed to apologize for caring about this subject? I am shaking and crying right now and the whole thing just made my eyes bleed.

Good work and stay out of the orange jump suits as long as possible. I smell a little bit of double standard going on here.

I smell a little bit of fish on the forum. I'm not familiar with the writer but I know the editor somewhat.

"As time goes by it's going to get worse." "I'm going to sweat a lot." "I got my Birkenstocks."

These sound like statements coming from a group of people who are suffering. I smell dialogue plagiarism here. There is no sthingy there is no sthingy.

I smell a little like the same thing going on here. But here the issue is that is the case where often.

I'm concerned that I smell like a boy, but I don't think that's what it smells like. Either way, I want to eat the smell. Mistake mistake mistake.

Onion suppose to make our nerves calm and put me well into sleep, but not for me. Anyways it is talking about how school is design to keep you bored and stupid. I smell a little bit of hippie in there, but it's cool.

You can go places in the world with pudding. It's very very faint. Or do I smell "establishment of religion"?

Is that look supposed to be a sexy pout? It actually reminds me of someone.

It's okay, I have very fickle chemistry. My hair smells fresh though. A lot has happened. Actually that was a lie. Not a lot has happened.

By the way is so far going good except I feel like I smell a little bit. Who cares if I smell a little bit, everyone does! No! Everyone does not smell.

Seriously though I have a toothbrush and deodorant so I'm good.

! apparel

try beetle
the boastful
the Kansas
in bittersweet
it's fang
be fastidious
or primitive
try Gillespie
be drape
or compass
be Bessemer
not curtain
try blastula
or maybe not


Micke boy I remember you
from back in the days in the Arts

I would get some sound-activated
cold cathodes after reading about

some knee hooks carved out
of blocks and glassed to the boat

did you have a red Grand Am and played
them off your trunk? I think

the rotary engine enthusiasts
were 30-foot-tall monsters

that hurled boulders and drained
multiple guns before dying

how does that style work
is it difficult to wet exit

after you do the run and square
they seem to stay down longer

and all the children have to learn
to kill with the sword

Micke I remember driving to Westwood
I think we were the Jets

just being like uh OK sure
say mom mom North Carolina

asking for a vote oink oink
yes we need one of those

this winter has been better
than I remember last winter being