Fascist Poem

Edward is possibly at home
reading his favorite poem
"God Bless Mrs Donald"
it's the most beautiful, wise, philosophical poem
others just think it's an inept horror film

I think he is an extremely confused man
who has been taken in by that poem
the key issue here is not literary merit
I do not believe that the poem
will be a horrid little abortion

while the obvious slant to this poem is a feminist one
it can also be interpreted as fascist
and it's good you didn't read that
it would have fascistized you faster
than you could say "Callooh! Callay!"

these are the moments when
the authoritarian modernists come to terms
with the dominance of the letter "I"
first they came for the communists
one day they'll be coming after poets on stilts

All Fours

remember they walk on all fours and can be found
beyond our horse of the old style
we've got to show them
the "dress code"

but not the police he caught his breath
as he saw his man through the tunnel
grow smaller in the distance
ripping until a plank or stick was left

whose holes throughout
the franchise lie flattish
and curved elegantly into the cup
last year keeping alive

some of the best craftwork comes out
of the trinity of dogs
in the middle of the rue
I I'm a aardvark

he darn well broke it
from a 2D snapshot he swept
from the 5 Kentuckians
sexually active shoplifting eyeholes

through the ruins
often loping ahead
to tell bullwhip inmates
were served bread and ersatz

The Miscellaneous Penguins

I'm a hardcore fan of LOTR and yes I believe
that sock monkeys stole my PANTS

working in liquid (very rare) you can normally find
bankruptcy proceedings although penguins
are the best fricking animal in the world they are so da bomb
just chill out and click on stuff
and penguins will be the next kind of England

my name's Jane I am IN LOVE with GERARD WAY!
he sooo wants to marry me ... sometimes I think
pretty penguins will take over the world
but I believe they will be more like benevolent dictators
as penguins are great

seagulls are penguins in disguise
and they may "lose control"

lalalala raaa I'm hyper eating marzipan
and blue food coloring on the 12 of August
it is cool because it's red
put heavy metal on a loud speaker and kill us all
then Karen will take over and I'll add some information
on another interesting club I urge you to join
where you fight goblins and other mythical creatures
while riding polar bears and seals

no I'm not really sure if 1 day penguins will take over the world
but I do know that Paige is a good friend and she is really funny


a man with a mouth full of violence outside the holes
leaning in just that kind of way
asked me how my hair is so soft
"at first I thought it was a piece of rubbish or a clear tarpaulin sheet"

your tiny ferry was making a new job
stylistically all over the map unrelentingly

trim preceded us but all the trim
shaft had to come thrust loads
young girls showering under a big lack of pizza
dodging zillions of lobster pots
pure white slick and shiny inside and out

if you happen to catch Big Brotherism on your propane stove
the hairy ones dive off the property ladder
leaving jobs and spoiled our toes
on the lumpish butch with an armful
of plastic birds or side loads
to crinkle on application

what better use for 20-year-old salad dressing
little do I care if my nose is allowed tuna 2 minutes later
my leg tied to a tree stump

my wife has this humongous Art Deco black kid
with underwater photo of guts
free world w/ "utrics"
it somewhat shiny

I trade off weekly charts but I go for
the can containing Williams' head
can't believe it stayed still long
yet another cowboy cookie for big boys

big dog Bruce clothes
big fat ugly astrology
NY shiny disco balls

Irish Fun

my name is Eileen
I can only stand myself
I live in NY gathering essays by Susan Howe,
Michael Palmer, ANTHONY D. BUFFALO, and others

one of their lieutenants will step up a hecticness
who led a varied life on the western pioneer and ended up a poet
ANTHONY D. BUFFALO hired by the Pilgrims
as military advisor for many early Terrytoons cartoon characters

then in Warhol’s fin-de-siecle apes comic masterpiece Heart of Darkness
the struggle between Joan Didion and Dennis Cooper
concludes precisely as you know that it must
I was working on the project for quite a while
before I actually read an alternate history
kind of thing where Dracula won

you have just been married in a green world
do you like pizza do you like to save money
do you like lesbian vampire movies
how-to books and homesteading magazines

O MERRY hae I been teethin’ a heckle
an’ merry hae I been shapin’ a spoon

drunk Irish telephone fun
hello! tell me you’re Eileen
uh no Eileen he can’t come to the phone right now

go to the Renaissance Festival and heckle the sword fighters
laugh at their clumsy and often confused subversive re-writing
shut the fuck up when they read their poems

there may even come a day tho we won’t live to see it
when a ball of light comes up a street
to prune this issue somehow girlfriend