a man with a mouth full of violence outside the holes
leaning in just that kind of way
asked me how my hair is so soft
"at first I thought it was a piece of rubbish or a clear tarpaulin sheet"

your tiny ferry was making a new job
stylistically all over the map unrelentingly

trim preceded us but all the trim
shaft had to come thrust loads
young girls showering under a big lack of pizza
dodging zillions of lobster pots
pure white slick and shiny inside and out

if you happen to catch Big Brotherism on your propane stove
the hairy ones dive off the property ladder
leaving jobs and spoiled our toes
on the lumpish butch with an armful
of plastic birds or side loads
to crinkle on application

what better use for 20-year-old salad dressing
little do I care if my nose is allowed tuna 2 minutes later
my leg tied to a tree stump

my wife has this humongous Art Deco black kid
with underwater photo of guts
free world w/ "utrics"
it somewhat shiny

I trade off weekly charts but I go for
the can containing Williams' head
can't believe it stayed still long
yet another cowboy cookie for big boys

big dog Bruce clothes
big fat ugly astrology
NY shiny disco balls

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