The Miscellaneous Penguins

I'm a hardcore fan of LOTR and yes I believe
that sock monkeys stole my PANTS

working in liquid (very rare) you can normally find
bankruptcy proceedings although penguins
are the best fricking animal in the world they are so da bomb
just chill out and click on stuff
and penguins will be the next kind of England

my name's Jane I am IN LOVE with GERARD WAY!
he sooo wants to marry me ... sometimes I think
pretty penguins will take over the world
but I believe they will be more like benevolent dictators
as penguins are great

seagulls are penguins in disguise
and they may "lose control"

lalalala raaa I'm hyper eating marzipan
and blue food coloring on the 12 of August
it is cool because it's red
put heavy metal on a loud speaker and kill us all
then Karen will take over and I'll add some information
on another interesting club I urge you to join
where you fight goblins and other mythical creatures
while riding polar bears and seals

no I'm not really sure if 1 day penguins will take over the world
but I do know that Paige is a good friend and she is really funny

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