10 Questions for Christians

who wants another Yager bomb! I can hold my lick-her well
who's the assclown that signed me up for the NOW Action Alert list

I can't help but add an octopus or squid to a picture last night driving
I used my cupholder to hold my ice cream while driving

I see the assclown speed past Arthur Treacher's, grab some frozen squid
it's great you worked on your riding and improved

I waited patiently to grow into men and 20 seconds to turn back into little boys
squid however have the vessels on the freakmagnet side

evidence that Bush hates black people
some great stuff like "Jesus thought 9/11 was a comedy"

pirates would likely hold my political views against me
most of the time I'm a loud, obnoxious assclown but it's just a front

for I am merely a human! a large green being
which resembles a human with huge bat-wings

I can't sit still in my chair, I can't do any work, I can't even hold my pee
cuz that damn squid will whoop you like it whoops everything else

a nice "cottage cheese butt" would equal up to a good "assclown"
cuz that damn squid will whoop you as has already been explained elsewhere

then I will "find God"
I'll wait for an angel, but I won't hold my breath 'magine they're busy

to bad you're a squid
if you don't hold my hand, I suck