Irish Fun

my name is Eileen
I can only stand myself
I live in NY gathering essays by Susan Howe,
Michael Palmer, ANTHONY D. BUFFALO, and others

one of their lieutenants will step up a hecticness
who led a varied life on the western pioneer and ended up a poet
ANTHONY D. BUFFALO hired by the Pilgrims
as military advisor for many early Terrytoons cartoon characters

then in Warhol’s fin-de-siecle apes comic masterpiece Heart of Darkness
the struggle between Joan Didion and Dennis Cooper
concludes precisely as you know that it must
I was working on the project for quite a while
before I actually read an alternate history
kind of thing where Dracula won

you have just been married in a green world
do you like pizza do you like to save money
do you like lesbian vampire movies
how-to books and homesteading magazines

O MERRY hae I been teethin’ a heckle
an’ merry hae I been shapin’ a spoon

drunk Irish telephone fun
hello! tell me you’re Eileen
uh no Eileen he can’t come to the phone right now

go to the Renaissance Festival and heckle the sword fighters
laugh at their clumsy and often confused subversive re-writing
shut the fuck up when they read their poems

there may even come a day tho we won’t live to see it
when a ball of light comes up a street
to prune this issue somehow girlfriend

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