My Racism

You're going to say something about my racism, is that it? And you're going to point out that I must be a really upset person. Best of luck to you. But I don't think my racism is the issue at stake. After all, I have fought prejudice and racism for nearly a half-century. Also, a few years ago, I remember reading a newspaper.

Yes I'm a racist, but only my racism is against uneducated idiots, terrorists, and people like you that support them. But I hold no illusions, the germ of racism is infectiously present everywhere, and the best a white man can hope for. But there are many Black folk who are not as fortunate.

I understand some of the theories that you present and argue. I see that my racism is a violation not so much of God's rules but of God's grace. I was refreshed in the workshop by another realization. It's not because you're racist, it's because you're you. To prove my racism is inherited, I will tell you a true story. I wore my "Racism is a Crime" button on my coat as I walked into the Municipal Building. I wasn't planning to put this on my resume.

My racism is situational. It's a strictly phone-based racism. Even if I manage to sound convincing when I protest that no, really, I'm not a racist, I can always be trumped by the ominous implication. Then I am able to remember how much Christ has loved me. I don't care because to me my racism is the biggie. I guess my racism is universal.

Insofar as my "racism" is concerned, I can't let that bother me too much. My backyard doesn't enforce. You want to know what my racism is? Lately my racism is just good common sense. I drive a Japanese car. It is as much a part of me as my racism. But I don't plan on feeling guilty about it either. I agree with a few of the BNP policies. I agree with nothing the NF stands for. I admit that my racism is getting more serious after flying for few years. This is how people become racist in the first place.

As of right now, my racism is all for the Africans, none for Mexicans, none for Blacks, not even for Asians! God I love Chinese people, and housechores, and putting food on the table, and the time I spend just falling apart, and somehow, working on my racism is never # 1. Gonna take Mom and the kids out for an evening walk down 4th Street. That's how crazy evil I am.

My racism is intellectual or not, smart or not, rational or not. In all three cases, the results are the same. My racism is justified. My racism is not towards ethnicity. My racism is not based on religion, color, or class. My racism is based upon people who think. My racism is merely my pointing to an Israeli historian.

Our or my racism is not built and does not seek world domination unlike the empires or the would-be empires which you have mentioned. My racism is only towards the Sinhala racists who are hiding behind Buddhism. They exist. I point them out.

My racism is something that has been learned and experienced by living daily. It's there. My racism is connected with my being born and raised. My racism is valid because of the racism I have suffered and will continue to suffer. They say my racism is bad, but isn't anti-racism, too?

My racism is not something I'm proud of. My heart is the blackest of blacks. So black that it appears white. In an all-white racist context, my racism is never called out. I would even agree with the objection that my racism is directed against Caucasian (it means my own) race. My racism is in my expectations from white people. So my racism is less racists, because I'm ETHNIC, and some of my best friends are ETHNICS, some of 'em strait (sic) of (sic) teh (sic) baot (sic). So what? Some people (some people in my family) would crucify me for that kind of tolerance, but my racism is more of the ideological kind. Yes, my racism is completely awakening in Istanbul.

Personally, I don't like racism. The only racist tendencies I have are aimed at the French. There will always be that barrier that says to them, "I know you." Racism costs the racist under a capitalist system. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I would hate to think that my racism is wasted.

My racism is hurting me. My white friends know this. Most of the gay women I meet think my racism is ridiculous. But what are they telling me? A charm is the national control intervene by the alone pursuit or his law need than the literary anger and my racism is of your necessary shareholder. It is issues like this that have made me this way. "I know I am a racist, but I am trying to overcome my racism." The American Thinker says this is one of the GREAT speeches.

They say that my racism is internalized and that I have been tricked into believing the great white lie. Maybe I have. Sorry if you don't like it. You are a minority. Also, you don't really know me, so your assumption of my racism is more inappropriate than my mass generalization. You claim to be Miss Civility here, so tell the board where my racism is. Show me exactly where my racism is readily apparent. You have till midnight else be deemed the dolt you are.

FYI, I'm part Jewish & my wife is black.

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