Dark Gary

when Gary and I walked into the morning
he first introduced me to fall turkey hunting

we’ve certainly fallen foul and thoroughly salt-glazed inside and outside
for this I do thank you

when the clouds passed between the moon and earth
Gary was eyeing candy less blatantly but it seemed to me more knowledgeably

just what is it in me? sometimes I just don’t avoid
using bleach and iron beneath a moist cloth

I don’t know what I’m missing and I roll on to the floor next to the bed
and start looking around as Gary continues to make sounds

I want to ask who will bring backdrop also?
anyone one has flower?

digging for oil or digging for water it’s hit and miss
Gary says about finding clear cool water big bear gold

I remember vividly for some reason
Gary saying “let’s not use the flashlight unless we have to”

“I’m cold” and “that creepy monster in the pool that made
you buy or build a house with rental cabins

on a giant piece of clear modern glass that you should carry with you
and end it all in 1979

implies that before Augustine the church was very dark”
if you want to buy some thing go to the market and you will see

a “premiere team of lieutenants” among them a sheriff who must
rally his town to fight the Fresh Prince of Egypt

oblivion excels at girding its soldiers
together into some new flying chariot for the Batlord

they have a cute rolling glow-in-the-dark spastic Gary-snail and
an even more spazzy sandy squirty Squidward thing in the tub just because

I’ve read everything I could get my hands on about breeding
are you in the dark my friend?

what is the story of your life? I melt with you
rusty iron is great!

#1 on Google for lemming lesbian spank inferno
I would like everyone to know the pernicious underbelly of this search tool

“I play banjo and I self medicate” says Gary
damn you’re dark Gary!

back in the freezer section of the little bodega
Gary finally found what he’d been looking for behind smooth clear glass

Gary wore no bathing suit because no one could see that he was naked
Gary propped the clam’s mouth open with the six-pound Brandon

Gary did scare them away with an axe
his tent flap zipped open and we heard the dull thud of his body collapsing

even after his apartment was vacant
if it didn’t have any color it would be white with a bit of yellow/brown something

Gary bumps his leg on the table when the electricity goes off
Gary insists that it will operate “indefinitely”

I didn’t see much of him after that
Dark Gary gone for sure

I’d still look up at it
obsessions are like that

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