I Rmeember

I rmeember the wise words that my teacher said: "if you want a man to drown in your lust, you must, you must increase your bust."

I rmeember sitting at the dinner table trying to finish my meal after everyone left, unfortunately, I was suppose to clean my plate.

I rmeember when the whole thing went down. I do not understand what we are being treated as children with our conversations limited.

I rmeember the Batman statue, released limited editon last ear.

I rmeember that. I licked it. Well, onyl once. Then you told me to stop.

I rmeember a little altercation you had with Tuna over it or adjusting your car's speedo for it.

I rmeember Blofeld's book does not contain a single reference to sex, aside from one brief comment that practitioners of the red tantra get the same.

I rmeember you, u donated me to start a family guy clan, and the beast is ur second account, caus ei remember u got enough drags to change it right?

I rmeember watching other do the same thing after, loads of people was walking near that spot and we was all hoping they would get stuck too LOL.

I rmeember this story when it happened. More stupid people doing stupid things.

I rmeember, small pizzas are from C$57 to maybe C$70.

I rmeember that the garbage truck was moving back and forth (it was from my trip visuals). I started getting very crazy thoughts, about this "hell."

I rmeember reading someone saying the GS could have had a V8 in there w/like 400+ hp.

I rmeember when Assy said ETMJ sounded like me once, now he does too. It's just proof that The Mouses mind control experiment is working.

I rmeember reading on Sulus' PR thread that he was in the 15's for XC so I am just making an educated guess.

I rmeember Halloween one year when I was aa dog from 101 dolmations.

I rmeember I used to spend every arvo with u in yr 8 hehehe! But but u left and u had to study. Thanks fro being there for me and stuff.

I rmeember a certain phrase from Gundam Wing "He runs, he hides, but he never lie."

I rmeember using it in userspace (god knows why) but I dont have the code anymore it was a hex value in inline ASM.

I rmeember I just couldn't warm to Slobo. I see this was in Workers World. How sad.

I rmeember the first CD's I ever bought. Kavana--MFEO and Backstreet Boys--Everybody.... LOL!! First tape I ever bought I have no idea.

I rmeember, back when I was level 25, I ganked a low-level NPC, thus turning my PvP flag on. A level ?? and a level 27 player came out to find me.

I rmeember in the 80s it was friggin' bad. It just wasn't as noticable because of the goal scoring onslaught. Win by having a lot of tough guys.

I rmeember the day where you had to stay up until 11:30 to watch any hockey highlights, and when you did, it was usually a game or two.

I rmeember playing this 3D game where you'd drive around shooting red 3D ships and orange pyramids, the screen was mostly black, and you went around collecting forums.

I rmeember more than a few CTF games where I'd be running like their's no tomorrow, do a 180 spin in the air and run backwards firing the Ripper at the walls.

I rmeember hitting those damn F6 and F7 keys after every fire fight, re loading 20 times a mission, it was awful.

I rmeember my squally killed those dumbie things in one hit.

I rmeember something I said: "And in books the armor could too be dented by throwing a rod at it."

I rmeember when I watched the top 100 cartoons or something, the makers off The Lion King were like "We don't even know how it got so populer."

I rmeember having this conversation with someone in the GUild before whose name started with aG Orodreth V.

I rmeember some maps where I'd be riddling a guy.

I rmeember the pit. My father did a lot of shotting when I was young.

I rmeember the heyday of Sparticus. But again, I don't come on the GF much.

I rmeember seein u in her crazy girls pictures or whatever on aim, but yeah. thats how I know her.

I rmeember when soldgrin back as broox.com had scooter pictures--not dunk.

I rmeember it listing them, but then moving on to some HLA stuff, butthen again my memory sux, and finally, whats th z80 processor?

I rmeember it being very easy to transfer points with the big icon on the main page some months back.

I rmeember putting the blipboard under the desk for a while, though I dont remember why, or hwere I went afterwards.

I rmeember when evryone used to go on the chat, everyone being 10 people.

I rmeember you posted here like it was your job. So many ppd.

I rmeember why I stoped posting on my other name, this place is to dman confusing. You are the ones who are the ball lickers!

I rmeember the old days of the casting couch when men did the stinging.

I rmeember being kind of scred when wtaching it.

I rmeember who two brother's as 8 and ten year olds.

I rmeember when we couldn't get away from those.

I rmeember when me and my friend talked on messenger instead of to each other.

I rmeember the various places, the reason I remeber them.

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