Squirrels in My Attic

these goddam squirrels in my attic
are driving me bonkers
::scurry:: ::scurry:: ::scurry:: BAM!

if you are conducting
research into popular fruits
send a FREE squirrel greeting card

56. lasershow pshed up the soffit, what is
hardware cloth? plagiarism is a crime!
or believe they are pesky in another way

if you are noticing large carpenter ants
I will make friends with them before give I them
reason think I have please call the office

killing squirrels in your attic: fantastic!
we got a rat guy and he sd
we only hear the footsteps after the sun sets

quall amps to the max and out-grunge
find out more about fox urine
the cities wax eloquent about "The Singing Wilderness"

I have some flying squirrels in my attic and crawlspace
I have a squirrel or two in my attic
I'm hunting squirrels

it is important to figure out what you have living upstairs
if the squirrels in your attic turn out to be chickens
let's stay in touch

if you happen to be in my neighborhood
feel free to stop by and climb up on my roof
for a talk with the squirrels in my attic


alex azoury said...

Truly awesome. Lovely. Enjoyed a lot.

Alex | Attic Pest Authority

abdillah seif said...

Animated love poem