Listless Idolatry

                 for Nada

panic kind of scene (dame/hit man)
Nada swims exhausted in oily seas

the rhetorician addresses witnesses and they are all moving
optic receivers (eyes)

nothing in fist came to earth
no special "wartime" clause

a lesbian with visible nipples does not have eyes
none at all and not expect the suspicion

and blacklisting blood that's thin and colder
or Lady Nada seventh violet

grumbling six expediency souvenirs
qua merged picnic vatican l'oeil orchards

hurrah unused words of Marx
not based on iron wire perfectly

null face of the government
anemic zenith high noon

Thursday builders banished idlers calmly smoking
seeking Kurds to the feared politics

and could it be so violent beneath a porch
because Israel's jog-trot lack of low-spirited malarkey

certainly isn't to say that om should get
the best of six organs on a split 7"

Nada at least gives you something gal anyday
& Uncle Schmucko providing dull background noise

but the main man's effort is irrelevant brooms
secretionary redhead dampener

boilover Swahili nonmusics
I think I need to do something exciting