Too Much Ass

I have a big ass
and they can't see me
we could all use that much ass ... but
you wanna be real

we sucked far too much ass
than one should ever suck
you blow yourself up if you don't
want to be Judd Nelson

severe rashes around the mouth with gak on a nightly basis
I guess I won't be signing up to haunt any establishment
into this dysfunctional pseudoketchup?

find out if the excess lies in how much
shirt that show your asscrack all period
there's just too much ass around here
I can't stand to look

this big toolbox was what the guys wanted to show me
so as not to appear homophobic

in other Britney news, they're going
to crack the internet in half at some point?
they've got to tell the world that too much ass is fine
that whole scene looks so annoying

what plant maintenance do you do ... I'm an American
or am I? I don't know
[funny telemarketer call]
it really disturbs me to listen to lyrics

I hate them and hope they die
that being said, I'm coming over to your house
to get a job as a bus driver
they'll blur out some asscrack

I think you're showing a little too much ass
that is just way too much ass for one person
and I need to check it out
what you gonna do with all of that junk?
it would be better if it was squirrels on a bus

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