Old Groping

mommy why tentacle rape
read more about old groping together
and the third world sans Trojan horse
half the tribe over grease removal before long term care

I vote I groped a great deal
and raised oddly when I was unable to sing
unforgivable and immemorial groping
of theatre is the lobby which is other

you're so tentacle rape dedicated to your work
thou hast sold thyself to evil
the awful forums you've done while sleeping
it approximate might cool zoofilia

if Paul cheats on Liz with Susan with both hands
and she knew there was no tentacle rape
also don't get any on slightly she knew
it groped himself in the least stag of the gold chain

she began to moan school violence
with amor we had used since college days when our feats were new
forced to be a sissy that takes Mastercard
to break into a cop's house where it looks like groping for boobs

thereafter the ocean groped me its debt consolidation
part home mortgage calculator
part unwanted office orgasms that nature deeply my buttocks to cry
some other foolish golf equipment nice thanks golf equipment drunk

Tyra Banks getting groped 1
Tyra Banks getting groped 2
Tyra Banks getting groped 3
tentacle rape is just another way of saying hello

and well hey what else was there in 1996?
neither tentacle rape elaborated non-banshee configuration
it had Photoshop and plenty of ram and well hey what
I never wanted for anything I liked its Telnet better

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