Another Infected Chainsaw*

An incinerated stovepipe ruminates, because
A line dancer pees on a fighter pilot
Defined by an apartment building. A ball
Bearing feels nagging remorse, and
A radioactive buzzard goes to sleep;
However, a feline squid learns a hard
Lesson from a sheriff. Now and then,
The stovepipe related to another demon
Knows a somewhat fashionable cab driver.

The cashier flies into a rage, but another
Bullfrog for the senator barely recognizes
The lazily self-actualized hole puncher.
Quickly. Miles above him. A the dole
Queue at over from space, but they entered.
--Clearer ravines, stare into one
To see his so tense? --Yes, that's what am I?
--Hi. --No, nor why his head's and just fine,
He said. --Hey, come to of time actually here,
I only of that you can do idle whose?
--The cat's own tousled become
President of Antares (an the wind).
As with iron mallets; of I don't.

A hardly most difficult hole puncher,
A mastadon, and the globule
Inside a minivan are what made
America great! Some tuba player
Of a fairy recognizes a cough syrup
Defined by a parking lot, but an anomaly
From a paycheck competes with the cheese
Wheel around the abstraction. A rattlesnake
Ridiculously trades baseball cards
With a Eurasian spider. Furthermore,
Some feline salad dressing meditates,
And a steam engine almost plans
An escape from the spider a grain of sand.

The fire hydrant for a tuba player
Seldom brainwashes a slow cocker spaniel,
Because an ocean over a ball bearing
Steals pencils from a bartender
Toward the buzzard. The shabby pig
Pen slyly cooks cheese grits
For the apartment building over
The cocker spaniel. A grain of sand
Defined by the asteroid trembles,
Because some spider about a cheese wheel
Knows a thoroughly resplendent tomato.

Sometimes the greasy mortician prays,
But a garbage can about another turkey
Always steals pencils from a globule!

Furthermore, a minivan self-flagellates,
And the hypnotic cargo bay competes
With the tuba player.

*Verbatim spam, enhanced with line breaks and minor punctuational adjustments.

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