Biggier Avatars

this is suppose to be the first chapter of a biggier story
I need help with my mollies ASAP
cannot stop laughing at Justin's armpit hair
my boobies are biggier ahaha biggier I'm stoned

I don't want to visit my brother because
when it comes to quantum mechanics somebody is "a blowed-up peckerwood"
I think it would be a good idea to add a watch tower
and maybe some biggier more detailed turrents

plus something about the flywheel weighing more
helping it stand up out of corners better
in which you don't have to squint
to see the future for biggier hurricanes

the crusades where just bad ex-uses for the European kings
and the soldiers raped and plundered for a good cause
in number terms alone often biggier then many others
then difficult but to me doesn't mean he/she will be the fish head maybe

I needed to raise the car due to the fact that
aircraft fusaldge is made out of aluminum mostly
the biggier its the more it costs
and like I said before there dickhorn we got biggier fish to fry then some

stick in this slot and stick in that slot
is that purple slot special?
any biggier and it's just silly ok
maybe more puppy dogs would help with biggier sadder eyes?

I think REM would have and did back off for Pink Floyd
one of my biggier females are in but I'm still not even sure if she's pregnant or not
no YOU go eat something
after I couldn't button up my jeans I just freaked out

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