Irish Assholes

god I hate these new Irish assholes
those feckin' English are nowt but a bunch of Irish retards
and Irish Marxists have sex with animals
and the IRA stands for Irish Retards Association
trust me, I know

St. Patty's Day sucks
wish it never was a holiday

my annual experience with St. Patty's Day
stupid drunken middle-aged quarter-Irish assholes
drinkin' pints of Guinness/green fuckin' beer

phony Irish assholes an' real Irish scumbags
singin' "The Men Behind the Wire"
an' "The Boys of the Old Brigade" in bars all over
drunken Irish assholes wavin' a flag

tiocfaidh ár lá
that's the retarded slogan of the Irish retards
which means "shitty Irish retards"

Irish T-shirts for Irish assholes
("I Heart Irish Assholes")
I enjoy the fact the only group you belong to are Irish assholes

congregatin' outside my window lustin' after 15-year-old girls
midget Irish parents tiny Catholic parade toys
drunken pith-helmet-wearin' Irish assholes
Reality Beach MySpace group Irish assholes
David Hasselhoff Fan Club Irish assholes

Irish Hawaii-guy assholes fuckin' Nashville lesbian tit machines
stupid Irish assholes blarin' out of the radio
while fat lazy Irish assholes gleefully put anyone in front of the camera
an' we don't mean a wee bit o' the diarrhea!

enough with the "shite"
I fuckin' hate stupid Americans who think they're Irish
I like Americans
I just hate Americans who think they're Irish
when they're not

don't think that stumblin' around sloshed and vomitin'
on yourself is actin' Irish
it's bad enough when the Irish retards do it

enjoy wearin' somethin' green to work
and drinkin' dyed Coors Light, you non-Irish retards
it's dyed Miller Lite

did you send that picture of your butt crack
my virginity lives on
science--COLLEGE science--"Irish retards" *cough*

all times are now the time is MMHHH shiney and stuff MNNHHNNGGG
looks like a bunch of Irish retards may be payin' you all a visit
lookin' forward to it

seriously, when pill-poppin', ignorant Irish retards start dislikin' you
it's time to have an end-of-the-bed moment and seriously,
George Bush sucks

that the gel of the thing 'istence of takin' 'ingly
Irish retards meet singles finiddly by datin' people
by firm management, datin', date-me thing, 'istence of takin' 'ingly

WTF u on about Irish retards, ur from Holland
there would be more retards there than anywhere else in the world

all of a sudden some music started to play
and the Irish retards began to strip
suddenly all their clothes disappeared

Dustin Hoffman meets Irish assholes who want to screw his sexy wife
(rated X)
so Mary Catherine says we can call her "Pornography Joe"
hip hip

so I hope that ur comin' over to party with us Irish retards tonight
there's gonna be lots of food and beer
I'll see ya later ... I LOVE YOU!

I support this petition because, fuckin' Irish retards

anyone who does get a chance to spit
in this Irish asshole's food please take it on my behalf
thankin' you in advance, Casey

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A.S. Galvan said...

it's dyed Miller Lite"