The Aminals

This is a collection of photos of incredibly small aminals.
The photos aren't spectacular, but the aminals are.

The aminals are being fed an unhealthy seed diet.
The toxic properties of the aminals are not well defined.

When the aminals are threatened, the tail is tucked between the legs.
The aminals are doing just fine.

On Wednesday I was gonna be unimaginative.
The aminals are resin. TGIF!

Hello there Heidelweiss, jah ist bearday time!
Holla back at ya neighborhood Mack, mile a minute!

The aminals are nice and large and add to the whole look of the room.
The zoo keeper ate his keys and the aminals are running afuck.

The aminals are all sleeping.
We wake up as the aminals are waking in the morning.

It was proved that the aminals are formed by the attack of a suitable base.
If all the aminals are there then I think it will be worth going.

All the aminals are gone. Laurel is in Sun Valley.
I miss Holly. I love Holly. YES I'LL GO OUT WITH U! I love u so much.

The aminals are glad that you made them.
And we're glad that you made us too!

What sound would the aminals make when the aminals are sad or happy.
"Wanna go home!" "Thirsty!" "Hungry!" "Gotta go potty!"

Luckily for me I am in the armpit of the world.
But that's not the point here, maybe the aminals are taking over.

The aminals are after me.
I've done something wrong to offend them.

They're on the loose and want my head.
I'm running around in circles on the earth.

I think we will ask for more info when we get to Benidorm.
The aminals are eating soup. Pit-pat, pit–pat.

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