Dolphins in History and Films

Dear Royce B. McClure,

I love dolphins and your pictures of dolphins are beautiful. Dolphins are beautiful, graceful and intelligent creatures, long loved by mankind and this range of several different dolphin pictures show that beauty. I love it! the dolphins are beautiful and I just wanted to say how nice it is. I will return to see what I haven't already checked out.

Dolphins are beautiful mammals. This under water sea creature is very interesting. These are some facts about dolphins. They are 2.4 or 2.7 meters long. A dolphin can have up to 2 babies. Dolphins are smooth and usually are gray or pink. They will jump and spin around playfully. Dolphins eat a lot of different kinds of food. Dolphins love to eat. Dolphins are found everywhere, except in the coldest waters. They swim so smoothly in the waters of the ocean. They are found in antarctic and subantarctic waters. Dolphins are beautiful and smart. They can carry packages. They also can carry lines to lost boat drivers. They also travel in schools to hunt for food. They are social animals who communicate well with each other. Dolphins are beautiful and graceful creatures that have been on the earth a lot longer than us. No one can argue that whales and dolphins are beautiful creatures, but if you look at them closely, they seem to be made up of the strangest parts. No wonder people have been fascinated by them for years! Do you think that dolphins close their eyes?

OMG I love dolphins they are so beautiful this is a great page! Yay! Dolphins are beautiful creatures and will always have a wild spirit. I have been very lucky because I have had the awesome experience of swimming with dolphins twice. I have all ready swam with them and adopted 3. Dolphins dont suc u suc dolphins are beautiful. You call that a dolphin pod it looks like bloub.

Dolphins, dolphins, dolphins, dolphins. Dolphins, dolphins are beautiful creatures, shrouded in mystery. Dolphins, dolphins are beautiful creatures, to be correct a miniature whale, and are also extremely clever. Dolphins evolved in the ocean while hoofed animals evolved on land. The whales and dolphins are beautiful starseed who agreed to stay with you on earth to revitalize and continually update the encodings within the water. Dolphins are beautiful, but they always come across as the adolescents of the cetacean world. Belugas are much more elegant and stately. Belugas are wonderful. The whales are pure white and beautiful! They are also part of the mammal family. Dolphins are beautiful, both in the water and in the freezer.

Although dolphins are beautiful animals, to many they are much, much more. Dolphins have taken on civilizations considered to be imaginary. Surrounded by myth, mystery, hundreds of admirers and danger, these people are beautiful, the dolphins are beautiful, everything is beautiful! Dolphins are beautiful, graceful, spiritual creatures. Dolphins are beautiful like music. Dolphins are beautiful creatures, but they move fast. Dolphins like to swim fast. Find out how to capture them--all of them--on film.

Dolphins are beautiful intelligent creatures. People all over the world think that dolphins are beautiful and intelligent. People say that dolphins are beautiful, intelligent creatures, yet not enough is being done to save them from extinction. If you ask most people they will say that dolphins are beautiful, intelligent creatures yet not enough is being done to save them from extinction. Dolphins are beautiful creatures and should be saved not killed! One had been shot, one had been fed trash and debris, and the other ate fish during the red tide incident. You need to recycle because the dolphins get caught in those plastic holes from six-packs and the dolphins are beautiful! Dolphins are beautiful and intelligent and graceful, and yet they are being used as tools/slaves to essentially carry out genocide. It's our war, not theirs. However, dolphins are beautiful and agile animals.

Dolphins are beautiful wanderers of the sea. Dolphins are beautiful and cute. That's why people like them the best. The embossed dolphins are beautiful. They glide and play through the water without an apparent care in the world. No two are exactly alike. Sometimes, okay, most times, I envy dolphins.

The essence of life is more important than the meaning of it. Vincent taped a piece of gauze over the new tattoo. "Take this." She even called one of the other waitresses over to look at my wallet. "Your dolphins are beautiful--you need to put them on the internet for sale."


Stan Apps said...

I'm very fond of the last stanza of this.

anonymous said...

holy shit this entire poem is amazing

Poem of the Year 2008

apants said...

Dolphins are so pretty! Fa loved Pa!